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#Donor #Retention – compare concepts to

#Donor #Retention – compare concepts to healthcare retention market concepts (and it’s Neeli! at KU with me!) #nonprofit


The IRS Revocation list, those #nonprofi

The IRS Revocation list, those #nonprofits that lost their #tax-exemption status – are you in or out?

Here tis: the big new IRS tax-exemption

Here tis: the big new IRS tax-exemption revocation list, by state. Are you out or in? #nonprofit #charity

Predictive Analytics: a nice overview infographic

How nonprofits use analytics for fundraising.  An infographic on Twitpic
Thanks to the fine folks at Bentz Whaley Flessner (@BFW_Social) for this great infographic. Yay Donorcast!

The Missouri Arts Council is on Facebook

The Missouri Arts Council is on Facebook today — great ‘Like’ here: