Rock, meet Hard Place — at the beautiful San Diego Convention Center!


I'm counting my mileage points...

Tag! You're It!

As a veteran fund-raising conference attender, I am increasingly struck by the growing disparity in programming validity.  There is a clear gap in the understanding of future industry need between the long-time letter-writin’, stamp-lickin’ NPO staffer and the tech-savvy-er aspiring social media guru.  Ne’er the twain shall meet?

Here’s the challenge I see in conference programming — the gaping maw of leadership development. 

The old guard fund-raisers, those who have spent years building the relationships that have set the standard for major giving results, are looking for that proof of return for the investment dollar in new media.  They are not wrong to do this — ultimately, the measure of success for the investment in any media is the yield it brings.


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